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Helping small businesses work smarter.



If you have repetitive processes that rely on gut feel, paper forms, or spreadsheets, we can help you automate your processes and extract more value out of your data. Computers are very good at handling data and repetitive tasks; your team's limited time should be spent on activities that actually increase your bottom line.


Cottonwood Analytics specializes in finding insights in messy data sets and presenting them in an actionable, easy-to-understand manner. From industry analysis to understanding customer buying habits using your internal sales data, we give you the analytical tools you need to grow your business.

Small Business Focus

Large firms have been utilizing automation in the office and on the factory floor for years and have teams of analysts and consultants at their disposal. We focus exclusively on the small business space and thrive in an environment where “Strategist”, “IT Director”, and “Market Analyst” are just a few of the many different hats you wear.

Results Driven

We want to be your partner and are willing to “put our money where our mouth is” by tying the cost of our services to your internal metrics of success. We understand large upfront investments are risky and will customize our pricing to fit your business goals.

Project Spotlight

Cost Curve Builder

Create and download an attractive cost curve visual quickly and easily with this browser-based tool.

About Us

As a small business owner, you already juggle responsibilities that would be handled by many separate experts in a large company. Accountant. Operator. Shareholder.

Cottonwood Analytics was founded on the principle that small businesses deserve access to the same tools as large companies. Your large competitors have teams of experts for each business function. We believe in the ingenuity and determination of small business owners and want to help level the playing field.

Even if you know automation and custom analysis could add to your bottom line, you don't have time to add "analyst" to your job list. We want to help. We have a passion for small business and want to see you succeed.